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Backup and Disaster Recovery

In case of data disaster, businesses need to retrieve lost information as soon as they possibly can.

Backup and disaster recovery is aimed at making sure that any vulnerable information in your business, whether it’s data stored on internal servers, external cloud data, or website data, is backed up and can be restored instantly.

Backup Disaster Recovery is a way of preparing for the worst, because data breaches can be incredibly costly.

The issue is that many businesses do not have any form of Backup Disaster Recovery in place, making this an important part of any cybersecurity strategy.

Central control room

Cloud backup is necessary to have as you can’t always count on local backup drives to protect your data. Even with an external backup drive hooked up to your PC or as a stand-alone backup device on your home network, it could still fall victim to a flood, fire or theft, leaving you with nothing.

As a result, many enterprises and even small businesses rely on “off-site” backups to minimize the threat of physical disasters. Cloud backup services provide the same peace of mind for businesses.

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